ѺԵ๤ Ҿѹ ١е 
˹պ๤ (Tie Clip) дᢹ (Cufflink)

NECKTIE HOUSE çҹԵ๤  Ҿѹ ١е ˹պ๤ дᢹ ͧ๤ դǪҭҹüԵ๤ Ҿѹ (١е ) 
ѺԵ͡Ẻ ๤ ҾѹءԴ ԹҢͧԹҤسҾ ๤䷼ 100%  ѺԵ๤ ѺٹԿ Ե๤䷹ѡ¹ Ե๤䷹ѡ֡ Ե๤Է Ե๤ͧ Ե๤䷺ѷ Ե๤ʶҺѹ Ե๤䷾͡ҡѧԹһ  Cufflink ˹պ๤ ͧ๤ ѡ

NECKTIE HOUSE & EMBROIDERY, situated in Bangkok, Thailand. We specialize in manufacturing Necktie, Bow Tie, Tuxedo and all kinds of wedding accessory. We can made medium and high grade neckties such as 100% Thai silk neckties, printed silk neckties, Woven neckties, scarves, Bow ties and Tuxedo sets, etc.. embroidered or screen logo (logo necktie).
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