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˹պ๤ (Tie Clip) дᢹ (Cufflink)

 çҹԵ๤  Ҿѹ ١е ˹պ๤ дᢹ ͧ๤ դǪҭҹüԵ๤ Ҿѹ (١е ) 
ѺԵ͡Ẻ ๤ ҾѹءԴ ԹҢͧԹҤسҾ ๤䷼ 100%  ѺԵ๤ ѺٹԿ Ե๤䷹ѡ¹ Ե๤䷹ѡ֡ Ե๤Է Ե๤ͧ Ե๤䷺ѷ Ե๤ʶҺѹ Ե๤䷾͡ҡѧԹһ  Cufflink ˹պ๤ ͧ๤ ѡ

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NECKTIE HOUSE, situated in Bangkok, Thailand. We specialize in manufacturing Necktie, Bow Tie, Tuxedo and all kinds of wedding accessory. We can made medium and high grade neckties such as 100% Thai silk neckties, printed silk neckties, Woven neckties, scarves, Bow ties and Tuxedo sets, etc.. embroidered or screen logo (logo necktie).

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